Advanced Design Techniques and Delivered Applications to Easily Administrate Your Online Presence without Interfering with the Presentation, the Navigation, the Usability or the Website Search Optimization

That's right, add, edit or even delete your own web pages and content without ever having to worry about messing up the look and feel of your professionally designed, user friendly, search optimized website on fast, reliable web servers that are monitored and attended 24 hours a day.  Even your menus are updated automatically as you add, hide or delete pages.  Pages can even be scheduled to become active for a specific time frame to coincide with your time critical offers.

The Case for Hiring a Professional Web Designer

It's easier than heck to throw-up a cookie cutter website from a template.  The problem is that most free or inexpensive website and Flash based templates are built using old school design methods and coding techniques which Google and other search engines are trying to phase out.  They do this by burying websites which utilize poor design work, older coding, bad technology implementation or lack of vision.  Google isn't actually punishing the sites that are buried under all the other listings, they are simply rewarding the websites that pay attention and implement good web design and development techniques. 

That is not to say that the search engines don't punish websites that copy content from other sites or sites that simply spew advertising that spams the web. Webites and blogs that plagerize content, contain malicious code or just plain spam us are often blackballed from the offended search engine.  Unfortunately, reasonable people have made such misguided mistakes because they did not get the big picture in web design or search optimization.  This is not a good mistake to make, as most businesses require traffic from the search engines in order to profit.

Nowadays, it really does require an original and unique professionally designed presentation by a true artist, which can then be maintained by the client.  After all, no one else can care for and administrate his/her own website better than the business itself.  No one else requires it for employment, or has a vested interest in its success.  Often, the best administrators are the owners and managers of such small companies.

But having such an individual create a working website would be too much to ask.  Which is why I am here.  Because I can setup a system where you can administrate the whole website through a Content Management System (aka: CMS) that allows the client to simply worry about the content without ever being able to touch the layout, graphics, design, navigation or even the search optimization.  Everything simply revolves areound the content, and that's the best job that the business can do all for themselves.

Part of the problem with hiring a web designer is that you don't know whether or not he/she knows what they are doing.  It's hard to figure out if he/she knows their stuff without knowing HTML & CSS coding, but also knowing how to implement them correctly.  This is compounded by the fact that a web designer and webmaster are actually required to know quite a bit and must practice what is commonly referred to as "white hat" design, development, search engine optimization (SEO) and promotion techniques in order to deliver a viable and equitable website that won't be black balled from the search engines in a matter of time after the finished website is delivered to the client.

Certainly, the very best caretaker for your website would be you, if you know what to do, and have the time to do it.  I am more than happy enough to share what I know and deliver such posts consistently at the Web Design And Development Group on Google Groups.  The truth is that most people do not have the know-how, time and patience to put up a great website.  Given the tools of today, they can maintain one, however.  So, all you really need to do is hire me and then you can manage your entire web presence yourself.  Let your site do the work of a 24 hour a day salesman for you. 

Our advanced CMS (Content Management System) allows you to add, hide, delete and edit your pages.  You can even schedule the publication of time sensitive material such as a  week end special, week long sales, daily promotions and annual events.  Therefore, I offer my professional services as the owner of Symbiotic Design, which provides easily manageable, well branded and highly optimized web presences which would be created and tailored to suit your needs to help and support the continued growth of your small business.

Although I am available to work with corporations as well, working with corporations are effectively like getting art approved by committee that has no idea what art or design really is.   As it is much easier to educate an individual representative of a small company over the board of a corporation, I do not usually work with corporations of any kind without doubling or trippling my rates.  It simply takes three or four times as long when dealing with a corporation and this is simply the way it is and has been according to all standardized ethics.


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